Frequently Asked Questions

How SUNNE® HEATER modules work?

SUNNE® HEATER modules work like a "solar tankless water heater". During the day, modules catch heat from the sun with high efficiency (87%). That heat is instantaneously transferred into the heat storage tank that has 22 gallons of water which frequently reach temperatures of over 160 F. At the time of use, house water flows through an internal heat exchanger and gets heated. Water exiting the module frequently reach temperatures of over 160 F.

How much water does SUNNE® HEATER modules can heat?

On an average day each SUNNE® HEATER module can heat up to 90 gallons of water at 95F when ground water temperature is 77F. This amount should be multiplied by the amount of modules to be installed.

How many SUNNE® HEATER modules will I need?

The number of SUNNE® HEATER modules needed to replace all water heating needs will depend on several factors such as house square footage, number of occupants and number and type of appliances that use hot water. For example, for  2000 SF with 4 occupants, a system of 3 modules is recommended. However, customers have started saving by installing 1 module and adding more at a later time. Click here for more information.


Why do I need a backup heater?

Like every solar energy system, solar water heaters need a back up power source for days with poor solar radiation and/or high hot water demand (such as when there are guest staying at your home).

Why use a tankless water heater as a backup heater?

Using a tankless water heater as a back up heater eliminates the damage caused by electricity to the tank as is the case when using in-tank heating elements, which cause rust and tank failure. Also, it maximizes energy savings since it will only turn itself on when there is people using hot water at home (and not when you are on vacation!). Also, it will only heat the amount of water that will be used and not the whole tank.

What is SUNNE® HEATER's warranty?

SUNNE® HEATER modules have 5 year warranty against problem with labor and/or materials. Click here for more information.

How much CO2 do each module offsets?

For every 2 SUNNE® HEATER modules that are installed it is estimated that the CO2 emissions equivalent to those emitted by 1 car are offset.